Cowboy, baby.

brokeback mountain

That’s it.  Laugh it up.  Tell your friends.  I don’t give a fuck.  I’m secure in my sexuality.  Your childish jibes mean nothing to me.  I’ve been verbally assaulted by the best, and you’ve got shit.  You’re a functionally illiterate redneck who apparently likes to expose his ass crack.  Pull your damned pants up.  Buy […]

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Call me.

customer service

Well, that was interesting.  Your use of expletives was spectacular.  I’m impressed.  Really.  I’m envious even.  I don’t know that I’ve ever been cursed in a more eloquent manner.  Sadly, it was wasted breath. This is the Customer Service department.  I am a Customer Service professional.  I am here to help.  However, you are not a customer.  […]

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